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Discover our selection of organic facial care: moisturizing care, cleaners, anti age care, care for black and mestizo skin, cleansing care, care of donkey and Mare, care eye contour milk, lip care, creams tinted, night, scrubs, masks, anti imperfections and care anti redness.

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  • Day care

    Discover our range of organic and natural day care for normal, dry or oily skin. Whatever your skin type, it is necessary to use daily a day care. Organic day cream moisturizing, purifying, nourishing and balancing.

  • Night care

    Discover our organic and natural night cream to intensely hydrate and regenerate your skin. You will find upon awakening a radiant complexion and a defatiguee mine.

  • Anti-aging

    Discover our selection of creams and oils anti-aging natural and organic. These care anti-wrinkle lift and rejuvenate your skin. She may appear smoother, softer and more radiant. Your face is able to keep its luster and firm longer.

  • Eye Contour

    Discover our selection of organic and natural products for eyes. Specific treatments for the eye contour to fix dark circles, fine lines and pockets. To find a younger look, firms and revived.

  • Lip care

    Discover our selection of organic and natural products for the care of your lips. Cold, bad weather and Sun weakened your lips. Choose from our selection of balms and lip sticks to repair, moisturize or simply sublime.

  • Problem skin

    Oily skin need special care and non-aggressive, that is why we have selected for you natural and organic products to combat pimples, acne and blackheads. They will again balance and dissipate your skin.

  • Black and mixed skin

    To take care of your black skin or mixed without attacking him, the choice of beauty products is essential. Indeed, your skin is prone to dehydration in temperate zone and should be treated with an adequate routine. Here is our selection of organic products for your skin type.

  • Masks and scrubs

    The face skin needs regular care in depth to eliminate the dull complexion and scrambled to regain its luster. Here is our selection of masks and bio Scrubs for the face that will repair and rebuild all types of skin.

  • Redness - rosacea

    Distributed or installed Facial redness requiring care moisturizing, protective, treating but also able to effect "camouflage" with green pigments. Discover our selection of organic and natural products against redness and rosacea.

  • Care of donkey and...

    Discover our care to the donkey and Mare's milk. Products bio of excellent quality, the composition of which is without chemical preservatives, paraben and obviously not tested on animals. They are excellent for sensitive, fragile, or reactive skin. Donkey's milk helps to moisturize the skin, regenerate, and has a tensor. It's even the secret of beauty of Cleopatra, who had his beauty by plunging into the donkey milk baths.

  • Floral Waters - Hydrosols

    Floral water or hydrosol is produced during distillation to water vapor and essential oils derived from the distillation of flowers. Discover our range to be applied in all care to the skin or to use in cooking. Subtle and delicious water, floral waters bio tone gently wake up, cool in summer and strong finishes cleaning your skin at night. The skin is toned, refreshed and hydrated. Enjoy a pure bouquet hydration organic!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 258 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 258 items
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