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Protect your health with our natural food supplements adapted to each need. We have selected for you the best products of the best laboratories, who will give you good results to prevent and relieve natural health and hygiene problems.

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  • Allergies

    Natural Solutions for seasonal allergies, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, pollen allergy, mite allergy, respiratory allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, gluten allergy, food allergies.

  • Joints-muscles

    Discover our dietary supplements to relieve joint and muscle pain: Tiger Balm, drinkable solutions in organic silicon associated with MSM, glucosamine and essential oils, teas remineralizing plants ...

  • Antioxidant Anti-Aging

    To preserve its heart and its vessels, antioxidants are essential allies. To look young and supple skin, put vitamins and antioxidants to the menu.

  • Cardiovascular...

    Our natural food supplements can help you, support, somewhat correct and rebalance cardiovascular sphere and fight against the bad fats but be careful to have a healthy lifestyle to keep you long.

  • Bloodstream

    Natural solutions for better blood circulation, to fight against the bad fats, to prevent and help treat many venous problems, to relieve heavy legs. Plant extracts (red vine, horse chestnut, holly, ginkgo, witch hazel, Centella ...) are very effective to stimulate and maintain good blood circulation.

  • Immune System

    Strengthen your immune system with our natural products and proceed with confidence seasonal changes.

  • Digestion - Transit -...

    Our dietary supplements to aid digestion and facilitate the intestinal transit. Juice and Aloe Vera gel, artichoke, charcoal. The biggest brands: Pianto range of Ortis laboratories Bioprotus Carrara.

  • Vision Eye Protection

    All food supplements to preserve your visual comfort. Relieve your tired eyes with natural and organic solutions. Any specific antioxidants for the eyes.

  • Regulation of sugar

    There are different types of diabetes, according to the degree of operation of the pancreas. But all are increasing in modern societies. A stressful life, exhausting nervously, a totally distorted and unbalanced diet increases the diabetic pathologies. Our dietary supplements for the regulation of sugar and even diabetes in young people will help you relieve the discomfort of diabetic pathologies.

  • Throat Nose Bronchi

    Our organic and natural solutions to relieve congested airways: stuffy nose, cough, sore throat ...

  • Smoking Addictions

    Our dietary supplements for smokers and dependents, to promote cessation and help you manage stress. Our natural solutions bring you a natural and effective help to quit smoking.

  • Tonus vitality

    Simple solutions to stay in shape all year round, with our food supplements. For seasonal fatigue, occasionally, due to work, worries, excesses, natural food supplements are excellent and effective remedies without side effects.

  • Stress - morale

    Stress is often the cause of anxiety, insomnia, and depression or psychosomatic diseases. The morale we to deal with the events, challenges, problemsetc. Here you will find our natural products to manage your stress and morale.

  • Sleep

    Sleep plays an essential role in the proper functioning of our body. It allows children to grow thanks to the secretion of growth hormones but also to stimulate the immune system to regenerate tissues, to recover physically and psychologically... Discover our selection of products for a restful sleep.

  • Memory - Concentration

    Here is our selection of products to boost your memory and concentration. Memory is omnipresent in daily life. It allows us to retain any kind of information (personal memories, cultural knowledge, automatic procedures...) for a shorter or longer period (from several seconds to a lifetime). Being able to focus is necessary in many circumstances. You pass a review, whether you're looking to boost your memory or you want to learn speed reading, the concentration is essential. 

  • Dietary supplements...

    Our selection of food supplements for pets for their vitality, shiny hair health and well being of their articulation.

  • Well-being - Relaxation

    Discover our range of Biorelax pillows in viscovegetal, natural latex and organic cotton as well as magnetotherapy, relaxation or anti-snoring products for your daily well-being.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 574 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 574 items
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